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Cory Aquino – Philippine President

6 August 2009

Yesterday, one heroic Filipino was laid to rest.  In her life, she displayed courage in milestones of this country’s history with her quiet and calm disposition.  Her courage was witnessed through her life of righteousness, decency, and integrity as the leader of this country and as a crusader for democracy.

The only time that I had seen President Cory up close was at the house of Ninoy’s sister Ms. Maur Aquino Lichauco back in 1983 only days after Ninoy was buried.  This was a meeting of people who spontaneously had gathered together as a strong reaction to the assassination of a spiritually transformed Ninoy.  Cory, the person who had suffered the biggest loss among those present,  sat calmly in the midst of an outraged group that could not accept the criminality and abuse of the political dispensation of the time.  Her composed disposition eloquently expressed more than words that the alternative to the ultimate violence inflicted upon her beloved Ninoy was not an equal reaction of the same brutality. She knew in her heart that the cycle of violence in this country could only be broken by a movement of peace and moral ascendancy.

She was the person closest to Ninoy and she imbibed his ideals in her heart.   Ninoy’s courage in coming home, conscious that he would either be arrested or killed, stemmed from a strong belief that God wanted morality and righteousness to be restored in our country so that our Filipinos all over the country could live in peace and security.  And so Cory, the loving and devoted wife that she was, continued what Ninoy had set out to do, the peaceful reconciliation of the Filipino.

I believe that Cory had always clung to the ideals that Ninoy wanted for this country which was righteousness and justice.  They were ideals that no one could disagree with.  For who does want moral foundations to be laid firmly in these country which was founded on Judeo-Christian ethics of love of God, love of man, love for truth and the desire for the highest good for mankind.

I never had another chance for a close encounter with Cory, but I would like to honor and celebrate her life by enjoining all Filipinos to seek after godly righteousness which is the basis of her true patriotism.  Ninoy said that the Filipino was worth dying for.  Cory showed us that the Filipino was worth living for.  We, as a nation, will be living as Filipinos for the rest of our lives.  But what kind of life would that be if all that we seek after is personal gain.  We as a people can strive for personal righteousness, decency, and integrity in our daily lives as a tribute to Cory and Ninoy that their lives and ours would not have been lived in vain.

God save the Filipino!

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