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Poser, hacker, whoever you are, I know how to find you!

If you notice from the comments on my last post, the poser identifying as me came out with a comment which I cut and paste here:


Dear Readers,

I am truly moved by the regrets and lamentations about my plan to discontinue this WordPress blog. I surmise that my reaction to the hacking-related disruptions was rather too haste and emotional. After several days of reflection, I have realized that there is no reason at all to stop my advocacy. With the help of your persistent demand, I therefore recant my earlier decision; this blog will move on despite the littering. I have faith in the good intentions of most readers and will use that faith as guide to discerning which comments and remarks are noteworthy and deserving of attention.

Thank you all for your support and I deeply apologize for raising the level of anxiety among those who closely follow my blog.

These comments came from IP: , which is not my IP address.  Now I know where the poser is coming from and I will try to seek him/her out.  I ceased my posting knowing that this demon will come out with something as lame as this.
This person was not as smart as I thought.  If I were to change my mind about the blog, would I not have done it through a new post and not in merely a comment box?
To the poser or hacker or whoever you are, wherever you are, I will find a way to block you.  If I find you in person, I just would like to inform you that we have internet laws in this country that deals with internet fraud which you are committing.  I will find you and have you arrested according to local and international Cyber Space Laws which deal with felonious characters like you.
For all of those who plan to follow this blog, I am consulting with some programmers to see how I can re-start “Gus Cosio Says So” but in a different protocol.  Please go to this page after a week to give me time to come up with a more secure environment.  I hope you understand that I am merely trying to keep the integrity of my site.  I cannot afford having other people giving counterfeit concepts in this site that are not a t all mine.
Bear with me a little longer, after all the local market will not be running away from us in the near term.

March 7, 2011 - Posted by | Financial markets in Asia

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