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This is when it stops

I am planning to discontinue this blog because somebody has been posting comments in my name.  I do not want to be misquoted or misrepresented by others as I have my business and reputation to preserve.  There are even people who I think use this space even to subtly insult me.  I just do not want to give you satisfaction.  It is not worth my effort.

I will, nevertheless, continue my investment literacy advocacy through other means such as seminars conducted by my firm and affiliates or other organizations which invite me to speak in their assemblies.  For those who want to continue to follow, you’ll know how to keep in touch.

I will resume my blogging  when I find a secure way of managing it and find the time to do it.  In the meantime, this blog space will exist only for my personal announcements.

For regular followers, I am sorry.  For people who only seek to destroy, you’ve succeeded.  My question is, what now?  Did it make you a better person?

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