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Ideas on the Philippine Stock Market

Investing in the Philippine Stock Exchange

Posted in Facebook on Tuesday May 5 at 11:38 pm Manila time

Today, I’ve decided to start writing about investing in this country. On April 21, 2009, I delivered a presentation at the Asian Pensions & Investment Summit in Hong Kong. The topic was “Opportunistic Investments – Leveraging on Devaluating Equities in other Region.” Of course, coming from the Philippines, I told conference chairman, Mr. Todd Benjamin – former Chief Financial Correspondent of CNN – that I would be speaking mainly about the opportunities in the the Philippine Stock Exchange.

When participating in discussions, I couldn’t help but betray my bullish sentiments in the market despite the prevailing mood of caution among other participants. the markets have borne me out up to today because between then and now, the U.S. S&P Index was at 850 and closed yesterday above 900 while the PSEi was at 2049 and today it closed at 2189.

I would like to be able to share my thoughts about the Philippine stock market because I follow it everyday for the investment house where I work and for my personal portfolio. Bottom line is that I think investors in this market overshot everything to a point that nobody was holding anything. People were just holding on to their cash and that situation sets the stage for some kind of a rally.

As I continue to write about what is going on in Philippine markets – Foreign exchange, fixed income, and of course, equities, I’ll try to put in details and particulars of the ideas that I would like to share. Presently, I still see a number of issues worth following because of either their earnings or their valuations. In general, I think that we have still someways to go. I’ll get down to details tomorrow.

Whoever wants to follow these noes, I’ll try to make it interesting and even entertaining.

God bless you, whoever you are.

May 7, 2009 - Posted by | Financial markets in Asia

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